How To Run A Business From Bed

How To Run A Business From Bed

For those who suffer with a chronic illnessHow To Run A Business From Bed: Coastal Conservatory or are disabled and can’t work, your situation may feel dire. If you are too sick or injured to move from your bed, how can you make a living? Throughout the entire history of humanity on Earth, you couldn’t…until now.


Increasingly, I’ve encountered individuals on social media who are in this situation. They are confined to their house or bed, and so they spend most of their time on social media. Some have had to resort to the creation of “Go-Fund-Me” accounts to live on donations. I am here to tell you the good news that for the first time in history, you can make a living even while you are chronically ill or disabled. You can run a business from your bed!


No energy? No problem.


I still vividly remember the day a lady who was interested in signing up under me asked if she would be able to successfully run her business from bed. She had Lyme disease, which saps your energy to point that just moving can be difficult, if not impossible. Yet she was still looking for a way to be productive. I was happy to tell her that, “Yes, you can run a business from bed!” She signed up, and sure enough, she went on to become one of my best consultants, achieving a couple promotions and growing a good-sized team, even though she suffered with a chronic illness. The times that she had  more energy, she was able to do more outside of the house. And despite additional trials, she has been persistent and an inspiration to many  through her strength of character.


Now, for those of you who are chronically ill, the thought of adding one more thing may seem completely overwhelming to you and you may feel like throwing this post in the trash. “You have absolutely no idea how I feel!” you are most likely protesting indignantly.


Well, the truth is, I do know how you feel.


I rarely talk about it, so very few know that I was born with a blood disorder called hereditary spherocytosis; a condition which causes severe anemia and other health issues.  In my case, major surgery was required when I was in high school to remove my spleen and a couple other organs.   As a result, I have experienced chronic health issues most of my life.  When I was pregnant with my third child, I was diagnosed with full-blown Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which lasted for three years. It was a very hard, dark time, managing a household with three young children and a chronic illness that left me with barely enough energy to change a diaper or walk to the mailbox. Depression and loneliness left me in a deep hopeless hole which seemed to have no way out.


It was a long process with an equally long story, but I did eventually get out of that hole. There were many factors that contributed to my slow return to physical health but one that stands out is the book, From Fatigued to Fantastic. That book helped immensely and is one resource I highly recommend to others going through the same thing. The final and crucial step for me came several years later, when I found Lilla Rose and jumped headlong into a home business that leveraged the burgeoning internet market and social networking resources that did not even exist when I was battling CFS.


For the first time in many years, I had something outside myself and family to get excited about. It gave me an incredible boost of energy that had been missing, even after regaining most of my physical health. I no longer felt that overwhelming urge to crawl back into bed in the afternoon, full of exhaustion. The biggest energizer came when I realized how many people I could help with my business; from helping fund adoptions, to helping others start their own family businesses, to just being a listening ear! We were created with the need to look outside ourselves and help others in this world.  And when you’re sick all the time, you start to think that you can’t help anyone. You think you can’t “minister” to anyone.  If you’re not able to volunteer to teach Sunday School, or help in the women’s ministry, or go on a mission trip, etc., you start to feel horrible, useless, and worthless. Yet, the reality is that I could not have been more wrong because there are many ways to help, bless, and minister to others that were not part of the prevailing mindset with which I was familiar.   Amazingly, (and I mean it was a truly amazing revelation to me) I found that running my own business provided unlimited ways to be a blessing to others! I had no idea that you could do such a thing through a “business” run entirely from the comforts of home – and yes – even from your bed!


Of course, I must pause and say that there truly may be seasons of life where you are unable to do this…having a chronic illness with a baby and young children at home may be one of those times. In those cases, don’t beat yourself up or feel like a failure by any means! Take care of your family; they are more precious than gold and are only young for a little while. When that season passes, which it will, then come back and read this post! But if you find yourself on social media frequently and for long periods of the day,  then you might as well take that time and use it to start a home business!  Thanks to technology, you can run a successful business from virtually anywhere.  You can be productive, earn an income, and give to others at the same time!


3 things you need to run a successful business from bed:



  1. A computer

Forgive me if I am presuming, but I’m going to guess that if you are reading this article, you probably have a computer. If so, then great! You already have the first thing you need to run a business from bed. The computer is the tool you need to store all of the information and files you need to run your business. It is also the virtual teleportation machine you need to take you, bed and all, out into the world. It is how you will be able to interact with customers, advertisers, and promote your business.

  1. An internet connection

Of course, a computer can’t do much for your bed-run business unless you have an internet connection. However, this is not too difficult to acquire, and I’m going to assume you already have an internet connection if you’re reading this post. The internet is the where you will find all of your customers and advertising opportunities. It is the internet, ultimately, that has made running a successful business, even when sick or injured, actually possible.

  1. A product or service

This one is a bit trickier.  In order to run a business from bed, you actually need a business with a killer product. Your best option would be selling a product that has a direct sales structure in place. Become an independent consultant, and you’re good to go! You don’t have to worry about handling the product, or shipping it to customers; you just sell it online through parties, blog giveaways, and other advertising.

Or, perhaps you have a service you could provide, such as web-design or consulting which you can do without leaving your bed. Find a product that you love, and you will be able to find others, online, who love it as well and are only a computer and an internet connection away.


These are beautiful times


We live in an incredible age, an age where you can make a living and benefit many people who live hundreds and thousands of miles away…all without leaving your home. It is remarkable that today, even those who are disabled  or chronically ill  have the power to earn an income and bring value to others, when in the past this would have been impossible.


As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Sickness or injury is not a barrier to running your own business, and can , in fact, be an amazing means to help bring about healing! The absolute worst thing you can do is languish in your bed and feel sorry for yourself! (The second worst is to languish in bed and play Candy Crush!) And if you are healthy, don’t let other excuses stop you from being successful, either.


Are you letting set-backs or self-pity stop you from achieving your goals or helping others? Remember that we live in unprecedented times, and you  can run your own business and be a blessing to others, even if you are restricted to your house or bed rest. Are you going to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity?


For practical tips on how to run a business from bed, be sure to read my post, 14 Tips For Managing A Business With a Chronic Illness.


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