Why I love doing Laundry, and How You can Too

Why I love doing Laundry, and How You can Too

You may be looking at this title and thinking, love doing laundry“WHAT?! Is she for real?!”

For most of us, laundry is a pain.

A time-wasting task that menial and tedious as they come.

And yet, we have to wear clothes so we have to do laundry.

But yes, I assure you that I am quite serious about the title of this post.

I love doing laundry, and this can be you as well!

Schedule it

First of all, I recommend that you make this inevitable task a part of your automatic daily or weekly schedule. You want to be intentional.

It should be something you don’t even have to think about doing, or ever wonder if you should do it or not that day.

You just do.

What works for me is throwing a load in first thing every morning.

Do what works for you. You will be absolutely amazed at the amount of stress that is relieved when you routinize daily tasks so that procrastination or deliberation is not an option


Now, this other tip is what I really wanted to talk about, and will  transform your laundry drudgery into something truly sacred…

As you fold each family member’s article of clothing, PRAY FOR THAT PERSON.

  1. Thank God for that person.
  2. Intercede for that person.
  3. Pray a blessing over that person.

What better way to redeem that time than in prayer?

And what better way to be reminded whom to pray for than as you fold their clothes? (Of course, some especially dirty family members may get more prayers than others, but that is okay!)

There is something special about the act of tangibly touching and handling the physical objects that symbolize a person. It makes that prayer seem more REAL.

How many times do we as busy mothers in chaotic households bemoan the fact that we don’t have time to pray or spend quiet time with God?

Maybe, just maybe, mundane tasks such as laundry are a gift to us from God for that very thing.

Just think of the amazing opportunity we are wasting if instead we spend that time complaining and feeling sorry for ourselves! Redeem that time for eternity!

You may also find that as a result of this activity, you will feel more patient and loving towards your family afterwards!

It is very difficult to lovingly fold and pray for someone, then go yell at them or hang onto any bitterness you may have been harboring.

This is so important, I will say it again…

Maybe, just maybe, mundane tasks such as laundry are a gift to us from God to pray for our loved ones and draw near to Him.

So, give it a try! You have nothing to lose except anger and resentment! First, set your laundry time on automatic so you don’t even have to think about it, then use that valuable opportunity for eternity!

You may just find yourself loving doing laundry as well!

If you got value from this post on how to love doing laundry, then feel free to leave a comment or share. 🙂