Top 10 Hurricane Supplies You Can’t Do Without: Our Favorites Revealed

Top 10 Hurricane Supplies You Can’t Do Without: Our Favorites Revealed

Hurricane season is quickly approaching, and if the weather forecasts are correct (which I really hope they aren't) we are in for a doozy of a season in 2024 due to much warmer temperatures of the Gulf and Atlantic. 

So now is the time to start getting prepared.  

In this post, I will be sharing our favorite hurricane supplies that we were so thankful to have during Hurricane Ian.

It is a work-in-progress, so as I find more great things to have on hand, I'll be adding them to this article.

Also, if you have hurricane must-have's, please let me know, and we'll check them out!

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best hurricane supplies

1. Portable Generator

This is our #1 top recommendation for hurricane preparedness! This Westinghouse portable generator was a life-saver for us and our extended family during Hurricane Ian. 

We were without power for 5 days, and without internet or cell service for most of that time, and had 16 family members taking refuge in our home.

We were very happy to have a dependable generator that could keep the fridge and freezer cold, and that we could turn on when we wanted water for showers or coffee. We used it sparingly, however, as fuel was scarce and hard to come by. We used the propane we had, then went to gasoline.

We were so grateful for it, that my husband did this video review and demonstration on how to use it:

Generator Cord

Be sure you have a heavy-duty cord to use with your generator.  Here is the one we used in the video above:

generator cord hurricane supplies

This Westinghouse generator is on our wish list this year to add to our power back-up supply. Not only can it charge in a wall outlet, but it can also recharge in a car cigarette lighter outlet as well as connect to a solar panel to recharge with sunlight.  

I love that!

It can charge up to 13 devices at once. This would include devices and small appliances such as a coffee maker, laptop, or mini fridge.

westinghouse portable generator solar

2. Hand Crank Emergency Radio

During Hurricane Ian, our only link to the outside world, and what was going on with the location of the hurricane and other news, was our cheap emergency hand crank radio that I had bought years ago to have "in case."  

We had never needed it until then, and boy, were we glad we had it!

emergency hand crank radio charger

3. Glass Water Dispensers

Before the hurricane arrives, gather lots of water in jugs, containers and your bathtub. Then get some glass water dispensers to have by your sinks for washing hands and brushing teeth.

As our well pump needed electricity to work. these were so handy to have!

glass water dispenser

4. Road Atlas or Paper Map of your Local Area

During the hurricane, we got out our map of southwest Florida, and took turns cranking our emergency radio to be able to follow the path of the hurricane.

Everyone should have a paper map! 

Even better would be a road atlas, in case you need to evacuate. Who knows where you might have to travel to, in order to avoid the path of the storm.

rand mcnally road atlas

5. Solar Charger Power Bank

These are great to have one for each member of the family. A portable solar power bank for charging your cell phone. It also has a flashlight feature.

A must-have for sure!

To recharge, simply place in the sun! 

Check out my video below!

6. Batteries

Check the expiration dates on your batteries, and be sure to stock up on fresh new ones in all sizes, so you are never without the power you need for your flashlights, radios, and other battery-powered devices.

7. Wireless Rechargeable Lights

I love these wireless rechargeble wall sconces! I did not have these during the last hurricane, but wish I did!

They do not require electricity, as they use rechargeable light bulbs that last up to 40 hours on each charge.  So when you lose power, you will not be left in the dark! 

So far I just have this one set in my great room, but I am thinking that I would love to have these in every room of the house, especially the bathrooms!

8. First Aid Kit

It goes without saying that you should always have a well-stocked first aid kit on hand!

As we found through our experience with Hurricane Ian, emergency services were either not taking any calls, or not dispatching any help. So being prepared to take care of any accidents or health issues on your own is an absolute MUST.

This would also include always having a good supply of your current prescription drugs always on hand.

first aid kit for hurricane

9. Emergency Food

Having an emergency supply of food is always a great idea. Valley Food Storage has premium, high-quality, non-GMO food with only ingredients you can pronounce.  

It also lasts for 25 years, which should get you through quite a few hurricanes!

Valley hurricane emergency food

10. Camping Stove

A butane-fueled camping stove is great to have on hand for heating up your food.

McKay camping stove hurricane

11. Cash

After the hurricane, many of the restaurants and stores that reopened were unable to process credit cards, so were "cash-only," even essential stores like Home Depot, so definitely have cash on hand!

cash only bone hook hurricane

I hope you enjoyed our list of our favorite hurricane supplies. We'll be adding more as we find more must-haves.

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What are your hurricane must-haves? Comment below!