How is the Lighthouse Cafe after Hurricane Ian?

How is the Lighthouse Cafe after Hurricane Ian?

The Lighthouse Cafe is one of those must-visit destinations when visiting Sanibel Island.  I can't tell you how many times we've eaten there...well, probably at least once per each visit, which was more than I can count!

The Lighthouse Special was my "usual"...a delectable and incredibly filling omelet filled with all sorts of goodies and smothered with their heavenly homemade hollandaise sauce.  Of course, it had to be paired with their incredible fresh-squeezed orange juice.

No wonder the Lighthouse Cafe was known as "The World's Best Breakfast"!

So when Hurricane Ian came sweeping through, devastating everything in its path, many of us wondered how our favorite breakfast place on Sanibel  fared.

So here are photos and updates about the Lighthouse Cafe, including how you can help in their recovery efforts. 

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

Damage to the Lighthouse Cafe after Hurricane Ian

Okay, brace yourself because these photos are ugly. And sad. Very sad. But don't stay sad, because The Lighthouse Cafe is cleaning up and rebuilding! They WILL be back, along with their hollandaise-smothered Lighthouse Special!

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

I am not exactly sure which plate held my delicious Lighthouse Special, but I'm sure it's there somewhere! 😳

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

Water level of the storm surge... that daily specials board was pretty high!

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian menu

The Lighthouse Cafe Clean-Up after Ian

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian
lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

Yay!!! They were able to salvage some of the many  photos from their lighthouse collection that had hung on the walls.

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

History of the The Lighthouse Cafe

The Lighthouse  Café, as it is known today, was established in 1987 by Michael Billheimer. It is now owned and run by his nephew, Dan Billheimer. Over their  long history, they have been able to provide a living for many hard-working families.

History of the The Lighthouse Cafe Building

Now, wanna hear something cool? During the  tear-out  of both the Lighthouse Cafe and Tuttles Seahorse Shell Shop next door, the previous store  history of the Seahorse Shopping Center was revealed.

Sharon W.  commented on Facebook, "I think those sea creatures were there when Tuttles Seahorse Shell Shop was an aquarium with a live alligator in a pit. Lots of fun history in our building."

Really??!! Live alligator pit? I'll have to see if I can find out more about this and let you know what I find out!

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

Some comments on Facebook are saying that this part used to be Arnie's Deli. And look at that old phone number!

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian deli history

The Lighthouse Cafe on Sanibel will be back!

...and better than ever!

lighthouse cafe hurricane Ian

Help Support the Lighthouse Cafe's Recovery Efforts

If you'd like to help provide much-needed relief for the recovery of the Lighthouse Cafe and its staff click HERE. All donations will be used to ease the mounting financial burdens of the business and help the Cafe to recover and reopen. This includes the 19 staff members and their families, some of whom have lost everything to Hurricane Ian. 

Help Support Hurricane Relief Efforts in Sanibel

Sanibel Island is special in our hearts as well as many others, who are heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Ian brought this friendly little island in SW Florida.

Living in southwest Florida ourselves, and Sanibel being our "home away from home," we wanted a way to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian to rebuild and come back stronger and more beautiful than ever, so that families can continue to be able to create wonderful lifelong memories in this little slice of paradise.

$5 of every shirt purchased will go towards SW Florida relief efforts at:, and These are all reputable organizations that we personally know, have worked with, and highly recommend.

Click HERE to purchase. 💜 Thank you!

Sanibel beautiful strong loved shirt

Stay Updated on The Lighthouse Cafe's Recovery & Reopening

You can stay updated on how the Lighthouse Cafe is doing on their website HERE or their Facebook page HERE. Most updates and photos are on their Facebook page, which is where I got all of these photos and updates with their permission.  Thank you, Lighthouse! I can't wait to return! 😊

Where is The Lighthouse Cafe Located?

362 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel, FL, United States, Florida

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