The #1 Thing You Must Have Before Starting Your Network Marketing Business

The #1 Thing You Must Have Before Starting Your Network Marketing Business

Network marketing is an amazing system for The #1 Thing You Must Have Before Starting Your Network Marketing Business /// Coastal Conservatoryallowing you to run a successful business from home; however, your business will never get off the ground if you don’t have this one thing. If you don’t have this element, you have no foundation, and your business will die, no matter how much time and effort you put in it.


What is this must-have element to your business? It’s simple.
You need a killer product that you can believe in.


All of the fancy marketing, advertising, giveaways…it doesn’t matter if you don’t have a stellar product. Sure, you may be able to get by for a little while with a poor product, but ultimately your business will die. As marketing guru David Oglivy once wrote, “Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.”

Why is the product so important?


We have all heard some version of the saying that a clever salesman would, “be able to sell snow to an Eskimo” in order to make the point that the product being sold doesn’t matter if the salesperson has great skill.  No doubt the saying exists because there is a sense, though short-sighted, in which it is true. Through some crafty sales tactics, an elite sales person can sell a poor or unneeded product to a customer or two, but they cannot build a sustainable business out of their sales skills if they don’t have a great product. A smart salesman wouldn’t be selling snow to Eskimos. Eventually, the market will catch on to the poor suitability of the product, and sales will dry up.

However, when you have a great product, you don’t need to be good at sales—the product will sell itself. If you believe in your product, you won’t have to work to sell it; you will naturally gush about how amazing it is. You won’t have to deceptively make up reasons why people should buy it; you’ll be desperate to show how the lives of others can benefit from your product. Others will fall in love with the product, and they will be compelled to rave about it to their friends. Free advertising! They will also come back again and again. Loyal repeat customers are the backbone of a strong business.

If you find a fantastic product that you love, you are capable of running a successful network marketing business. On the flipside, don’t even think of starting a business with a product you don’t adore. Without a great product, you won’t enjoy your business, and it’s bound to fail.


What makes a great product great?

Okay, having a great product makes sense, but just how do you find a great product? What makes a great product great? Here are a few things to look for:


1. Fills a need better than anything else

Most of the best products today were not unique ideas, but improvements on something that already existed. Google didn’t create the idea of a search engine. There were plenty of search engines before Google, but what Google did was improve upon an old idea, and made it better than anything else available.

Conversely, the invention of the Segway was supposed to revolutionize transportation by creating an entirely new way to move, yet who do you see using Segways today other than overpaid school principles who feel like patrolling school hallways on a raised platform?

A great product doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel, it just has to find a better way to use what has already been created. Improving on something already available is often better than trying to come up with something completely new. Innovation typically trumps invention.


2. Exceeds expectations

The mark of a great product is that it does what you think it will do, plus a little bit more. It’s better than anticipated. When a product goes beyond expectations, that is when true customer loyalty is won. Customers will tell their friends about the product, and they’ll keep coming back. Exceeding expectations expands your market, and leads to repeat business.


3. Improves the customer’s life

A great product has to change the customer’s life for the better, whether in small amounts or large. The Flexi Clip by Lilla Rose, which I now sell, is an example of a great product which did this for me. It’s quick and easy to use, it stays in my hair all day and does so without giving me headaches! The Flexi Clip changed my life for the better because it saved me time, and it literally saved me headaches!

When a great product changes the user’s life for the better, it soon becomes something that customer cannot do without. Going back to whatever they were using before would result in a loss. A product becomes a must-have when it improves the customer’s life.


When looking for a great product to sell, make sure it meets all of these requirements, and be sure it is not a pyramid scheme. Don’t waste your time trying to sell a sub-par product, as you will be miserable, and become alienated against the entire idea of business and network marketing.


Find that great product, and then devote yourself to helping others by getting the product into the hands of as many as possible, and you will be successful.