Are Sanibel Island Beaches Open?

Open Sanibel Public Beaches

March 6, 2023 UPDATE!!! Sanibel public beaches & parking lots have started opening! 
The following Sanibel beaches are now OPEN!

  • Tarpon Bay Road Beach. $5 per hour for public parking. There are 76 parking spaces.
  • Blind Pass Beach Park. $5 per hour for parking. There are 23 general parking spaces.
  • Bowman's Beach Park. $5 per hour for parking. 220 parking spaces.
  • Blind Pass Beach. $5 per hour parking. 29 parking spaces.
  • Gulfside City Park. $5 per hour parking. 46 parking spaces.

Open Sanibel Public Beaches as of March 6, 2023

Sanibel Island was devastated by Hurricane Ian that swept through with its record-high storm surge that submerged the beautiful sub-tropical island.

The beaches were not left unscathed, as they were left with gullies, erosion, and debris, but they are slowly recovering and will be opening to visitors soon!

I don't know about you, but if you are a Sanibel lover like I am, you can't wait to be able to spend a relaxing day on one of the beautiful Sanibel beaches once again!

The great news is that the Sanibel beaches ARE scheduled to start opening soon!

Here is the list of Sanibel beaches, along with their scheduled opening dates.

Lighthouse Beach Park access closed after Ian

Scheduled Sanibel Public Beach Openings

Here are the scheduled openings of the Sanibel public beach parking lots. I don't know about you, but I can't wait!

  • Tarpon Bay Beach - February, 2023 (now open)
  • Blind Pass Beach - February, 2023 (now open)
  • Gulfside City Park - March, 2023 (now open)
  • Bowman's Beach - mid-March, 2023 (now open)
  • Boat Ramp - mid-March/April, 2023 (now open)
  • Lighthouse Beach Park - not scheduled
  • Turner Beach, Captiva - not scheduled

Schedule of Restricted Sanibel Beach Access Openings

This is the expected schedule of restricted beach access openings for residents and pass holders with parking permits. Beach parking permits go on sale Thursday, January 19 for residents/property owners and January 31 for non-residents.

Is the Sanibel Fishing Pier Open?

The Sanibel Fishing Pier is not open after the Hurricane Ian damage. There is currently no scheduled opening date, but I'll keep you updated when I hear of one!

Photo of the Sanibel Fishing Pier after Ian

Is Anything Open on Sanibel Island?

Yes, there are many businesses, shops, services, activities, accommodations, and restaurants on Sanibel & Captiva that have reopened since Ian.
Check out our post for the full list: What is Open on Sanibel?

Open Restaurants on Sanibel and Captiva

We are keeping an updated list of all the open Sanibel & Captiva restaurants that would be truly grateful for your business. You can see it here:  What Restaurants are Open on Sanibel after Hurricane Ian?

Help Support Sanibel Recovery Efforts

Sanibel Island is special in our hearts as well as many others, who are heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Ian brought this friendly little island in SW Florida.

Living in southwest Florida ourselves, and Sanibel being our "home away from home," we wanted a way to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian to rebuild and come back stronger and more beautiful than ever, so that families can continue to be able to create wonderful lifelong memories in this little slice of paradise.

$5 of every shirt purchased will go towards SW Florida relief efforts at: F.I.S.H. of SanCap and  Sanibel businesses that have been impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Click HERE to purchase. 💜 Thank you!

Sanibel beautiful strong loved shirt


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