Our Ventures

Our Ventures

Cultivating the family through business

Beautiful Life Lilla Rose hair jewelry

Amazed by how beautiful, durable, and time-saving the Lilla Rose Flexi clip was, Paula became a consultant for Lilla Rose in 2010. She was the first to begin selling Lilla Rose online, and her team has grown to include over 4,000 consultants. Her business eventually turned into a family effort, and now Keith and most of the kids have a role in the business as well.

Rachel Ramm Fine Art and Design

Rachel is self-taught in oil painting, and has been experimenting with different techniques in her home studio since she graduated high school in 2008. During that time, she has also received training in plein air and portraiture techniques and methods through workshops with Mark Gingerich, Gregory Mortenson, Angela Cunningham and Douglas Flynt. In 2013 she studied portraiture at the Grand Central Atelier in New York City. She takes commissions, so if you would like a portrait painted for you, Rachel is the one for you.

The Arsenal: Blog

The personal blog of Reagan, where he discusses the culture and Christian lifestyle. The purpose of his blog is to encourage the pursuit of truth and human flourishing. His blog has often been likened to that of Matt Walsh. If you enjoy controversial and politically incorrect thinking, this is place for you.

Kingdom Pen

kp-circleKingdom Pen is a free e-magazine and community whose aim and goal is to encourage teens to write well, write purposefully, and to always write for Christ. Our goal is to start a charge against the lines of secular fiction that is poisoning the minds of our culture, and to encourage teen writers to flood the world with stories that shine the light of Christ and share His truth. Reagan has been on staff since 2011, and has been serving as the Manager and Editor-In-Chief since 2013. Rachel is also on staff, and serves as web-designer.

Andromeda Coast

The Synthpop music project created by Reagan, Andromeda Coast recently released it's second full-length LP, Aphelion. You can buy a digital download here, or a hard-copy CD here. You can also listen to his album on Spotify.

Reagan has been producing music since 2012, and will be mixing and mastering the debut album for the Long Family Singers.




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