Additions & Improvements and Other Work Opportunities

Resources Page ( Can we close this?)

Find out if there is a way to send email notification for any posts to the Forum (Lake)

Add a nav menu button somewhere to access this page from the site for Level #4 (Lake)

Add “Slider” Below Ventures and Resources (Lake)

Add Video Tutorials for Hairstyles (What is the best way to do this? Not sure it is the best idea to have the videos hosted on CC)

A better method for handling/organizing LR Photos.

A better method for organizing media library

Figure out how to better integrate with FB so that when pasting a link in a FB message the link is pleasing to look at.

Assess Value of Incorporating Google Analytics or Something Similar (Completed by Lake)

Fix FB “no thumbnail” issue  completed by Rachel

Non-WebSite Work

Database Updates and Forms for easy retrieval of frequently referenced data

Update Phil 4:8 FB Group Image

Routinize Sale Announcement Program

  • Graphics
  • Posts
  • Pinterest
  • et al

Planned Posts

Intentional Living (Keith)

Family Enterprise (Keith)

Family Vision, Purpose, & Mission (Keith)

How To Become a Man (Keith)