How is Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian?

Hurricane Ian swept ashore on September 28, 2022, leaving devastation to many SW Florida communities in its wake. Many fans of Captiva Island may be wondering how the Mucky Duck fared during this catastrophic storm, and when they will be able to visit this beloved iconic beachside restaurant known as the Best Place to Watch the Sunset on Captiva Island.

So in this post, I'll show you the damage that occurred to Mucky Duck, as well as keep you updated on how they are doing in their recovery efforts so that we can all enjoy a relaxing evening enjoying the live music and incredible sunsets at this wonderful Gulfside destination once again.

*UPDATE! The Mucky Duck is open!

The Mucky Duck reopened on Wednesday, January 25, 2023!

From the Mucky Duck's Facebook page: 

"DRUM ROLL!!! We decided to do a "soft opening" today just to see what happens - and guess what, a whole bunch of people showed up out of seemingly nowhere! ***PLEASE NOTE!! ALL SALES ARE CASH ONLY RIGHT NOW because we still don't have phones or Internet. Hopefully that will happen soon but we are changing providers so we aren't exactly sure when. 

PLEASE BEAR WITH US as not everything is fully functional yet, or going exactly as planned, but with time these things will smooth out. Welcome back everyone, and please keep us in your prayers that we can keep moving forward from here!!!"

For a full list of what restaurants are open or will be opening soon on Sanibel and Captiva, see my post What Restaurants are Open on Sanibel after Hurricane Ian? 

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The Mucky Duck Damage after Hurricane Ian

What a miracle The Mucky Duck survived. Lots and lots of sand, but not one shingle was lost on their roof!  

Here are  photos taken of the Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian.  You won't believe the last one!!!

Mucky Duck Hurricane Ian
Mucky Duck after Ian
Mucky Duck after Ian
Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian
Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian
Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian
Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian

No Inside Damage to the Mucky Lucky Duck!

Check out this amazing photo...NO sand or water entered the Mucky Duck!!! Is that crazy or what?!

Mucky Duck after Hurricane Ian

Comments from their Facebook page after seeing this incredible photo:

"How in the world did NOTHING happen?! Change the name to Lucky Duck!!" ~ Crystal D.

"So happy to see you guys had no inside damage!!!! You should change your name to The LUCKY Duck!! 🦆❤️🦆"  ~ Denise L.

Mucky Duck Live Beach Cam!

Wahoo! As of November 4, the Mucky Duck Live Web Cam is up! You can once again keep tabs on how your favorite sunset beach is doing!

Mucky Duck Updates

This is what Mucky Duck posted on their Facebook page on October 26, 2022:

"We had ServiceMaster come out today and check the restaurant inside for moisture. They found none and said we should be in good shape! 🤩 To be on the safe side, they will come back a bit later and do another type of check just to make sure we will be all set to open up once we have power, water, and septic operational."

October 28, 2022 Update:
"The staff is hard at work cleaning up around the outside of the building. The sand is the biggest problem. In a way, it was a blessing in that it kept the water out, but digging out is a big job!"

January 1, 2023 Update:

"Hello everyone and Happy New Year!!
Please accept our apologies for not posting in quite a while, but honestly there hasn't been much to report. We are still making repairs to get the kitchen and other foodservice facilities operational.

 We've had electrical issues, our propane gas lines got wrecked, etc., and nothing happens fast around here in the repairs process as there are just SO MANY damaged buildings. Hundreds upon hundreds.

We have no idea why the web cam came back to life a while back, only to die again - this is related to CenturyLink and we have no control over it. Our phones don't work either.

We've had many questions about when we will open up and right now we just don't know - it's all dependent on getting the repairs completed, and we are at the mercy of others. Rest assured that when we do officially open up, it will be posted here.

We are not sure how business will be because, for one thing, South Seas is closed and won't be open again for goodness knows how long.

The Sanibel Causeway opens to the public on January 3, but the public beaches are still closed on the islands and so many businesses are still not operational that it won't be very fulfilling to tourists.

 Many snowbirds are staying up north this winter because their homes are a mess and they can't find a place to stay down here.

So, the bottom line is, we're in a very strange place and it's going to take a while for things to sort themselves out.

I apologize for not responding to everyone's comments and questions but it's a lot to keep up with (and we are still trying to get our own home fixed), but please know that we do very much appreciate all of your concerns and well wishes.

We are certainly hopeful that 2023 will be a year of improvement for everyone affected by Hurricane Ian, and we look forward to being able to welcome you all back as soon as possible!"

To keep updated on the status of the reopening of Mucky Duck, visit their website HERE or follow their official Facebook page HERE.

Help Support SW Florida Relief Efforts

Sanibel and Captiva Islands are special in our hearts as well as many others, who are heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Ian brought these friendly little islands in SW Florida.

Living in southwest Florida ourselves, and SanCap being our "home away from home," we wanted a way to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian to rebuild and come back stronger and more beautiful than ever, so that families can continue to be able to create wonderful lifelong memories in this little slice of paradise.

$5 of every shirt purchased will go towards SW Florida relief efforts at:, and These are all reputable organizations that we personally know, have worked with, and highly recommend.

Click HERE to purchase. 💜 Thank you!

Sanibel beautiful strong loved shirt

Where is the Mucky Duck Located?

11546 Andy Rosse Ln Captiva, FL 33924

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  1. Virginia D DeMoisey

    Thank you for keeping us informed on the happenings on Sanibel our beloved second home! WE are praying for all of you. We can’t wait to come and visit and are missing you ! Thanks again and keep on letting us know what is happening


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