On Not Accepting Who You Are: Surrendering Defensiveness

“Get your life together. Start exercising. Get good grades. Wear pants more. Is this you? You’re in a good mood when you’re suddenly seized by nagging doubts that you need to improve yourself? If so, then you, like over 20 other Americans, may suffer from personal goals: The irrational desire to improve your life through […]

I Don’t Want My Wife To Love God More Than Me

You hear it all the time. Find and marry someone who loves God even more than they love you! “I just want my spouse to love God more than they love me.” That all sounds well and good, and it is certainly theologically sound… But what if, deep down, you don’t really want your future […]

I AM Desperately Excited To Fail In Front Of You

January 2nd, 2017 — Southwest Florida. I clicked “Publish” and then sat back in my chair, wondering what I had just gotten myself into as the fear of failure washed over me. The first video in my long-awaited “Build Your Online Business From Scratch” video series had just launched. Can I actually do this? Can […]

What Does It Mean To Be A Spiritual Leader

I Never Wanted To Be The Spiritual Leader… When I was young, maybe early teens, I remember hearing about how a husband is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the home. I recall listening to speakers at homeschool conferences saying if a young man wanted to court a young woman, he needed to have: […]

How To Never Be Offended Ever Again

Do you like to be offended?   Isn’t it thrilling to feel that indignant outrage rise up within you? Oh, how wonderful it is to feel that soothing pain of offended-ness…right? Probably not. I don’t think many of us would say we like being offended. And yet…our society seems to relish being a victim, and […]

Why You Should Start A Family Home Business

Overwhelmed. This is how many stay-at-home moms feel today.  Their husbands have to leave the home for work, and they must try and manage raising multiple children, grocery shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and often homeschooling all on their own. This is a tall task. Stress and the shear weight of the to-do list creates a […]

How Intentional Living Can Change Your Life

If you have seen the movie “Elf” with Will Farrell, then you probably remember the scene in the mailroom where both Buddy and his newly-made work-release friend end up drunk and day dreaming about the future. During this exchange, his friend remarks, “I need to get out of the flow! The flow is what got […]

Marriage Is Not For Our Happiness; Or is It?

One of the greatest problems today plaguing marriage is the idea that one gets married to boost their own happiness.  It’s this faulty understanding that has led to the rise of divorce, and other distortions of marriage which champions the idea that, “If it feels good, do it.” However, the purpose of marriage isn’t to make us […]

Is Your Relationship Just A Business Contract?

No one marries for love today. Alas, the vast majority of relationships today are mere business contracts. Huh? Uh…Reagan, I think you need to check your calendar. This is 2016! Love has been liberated in the Western world. Marrying for love is the only reason people marry. People marry for any other reason unless they […]

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