Coastal Conservatory’s Facebook Boutique Contest:





Sponsored by Coastal Conservatory

Co-Sponsored by:

Kim Cannedy, Jackie Adams, and Deb Toms



July 21st Prize Pool Update:

1st Place: $150

2nd Place: $50

Additional growth of the prize pool is dependent on the number of entrants to the contest.


The prize pool will start at $100 and grow as the number of participants and our team GV grows.

As of today, July 16th, there is one prize of $100
We will provide regular updates as/if the pool and number of prizes grows.



Now through August 31st.



These are only guidelines, not requirements, so use your imagination and be resourceful!

All submissions will be candidates for inclusion in the Stylist U. curricula to provide additional training content for all Stylists.

Therefore, the format of your entry should be either a video, or a Presentation with screen shots and with or without Audio.

Key areas we would like to see covered are:


Finding a Hostess

Hostess Coaching

Any scripting and/or planning


Show the flow of the Boutique, the timing of the posts, and the interaction


How did you close the Boutique and follow-up as appropriate?

For submissions, you can upload your video to Youtube and then add to our playlist using this link:

YouTube Playlist of Facebook Boutique Contest Entries

Or, you can simply email the Youtube link to your video, or the presentation, if you choose that format to