How is the Casa Ybel Resort after Hurricane Ian?

Many of us have many lifelong memories that were made at the beautiful Casa Ybel Sanibel Resort, from family vacations, to weddings, to anniversary get-aways. And the happy Coconuts beachside bar & grill was a great place to stop in for a cool refreshment while strolling or shell-hunting on the beach.

With old-fashioned Victorian gingerbread trim of the Thistle Lodge, lovely manicured lawns, and tropical landscaping, it was a little piece of paradise on earth.

That's why so many of us were heartbroken over the destruction that Hurricane Ian brought to this beautiful resort. It suffered incredible damage that will take a long time to recover from, but we are looking forward to brighter days when we can all gather again at Casa Ybel.

Here are some photos and a video of the destruction. Sadly, Coconuts is completely gone without a trace.

casa ybel before and after hurricane Ian

Casa Ybel before and after Hurricane Ian

The beautiful Victorian style Thistle Lodge suffered major damage

casa ybel resort

The way it was... 

This is one incredible image!  That is not a window or painting on the back wall... it must be a mirror!

Casa Ybel hurricane Ian
Casa Ybel hurricane Ian

All of the outbuildings in the pool area, such as the pool house, towel stand, bath houses, and pool bar were completely destroyed.

Casa Ybel hurricane Ian

A couple photos of the front desk. Unbelievable.

Casa Ybel front desk hurricane Ian

Casa Ybel Front Desk after Hurricane Ian

Casa Ybel hurricane Ian

Casa Ybel Resort damage to the front desk area 

Roofs were ripped off.

Casa Ybel hurricane Ian

Vegetation was decimated.

Casa Ybel hurricane Ian
Casa Ybel hurricane Ian

Photo credit for the above photos: Sanibel FL Coastal Vibes Facebook group

Aerial view of the damage to Casa Ybel Resort

Aerial view of the damage to Casa Ybel Resort. You can see it starting at the 8:50 minute mark: 
(Note: the newscaster says that you are seeing Casa Ybel while the cameraman is actually showing Ocean's Reach Resort, which is next door. But at the 8:50 mark, you will actually be seeing Casa Ybel. To learn more about how Ocean's Reach fared, see my post ​How is Ocean’s Reach Resort after Hurricane Ian?​​​)

Before and After Aerial Views of Casa Ybel Resort

These before and after images of Casa Ybel are simply unbelievable. Look at the erosion and deep inlets of water that the storm surge cut into the beach.

casa ybel before hurricane Ian aerial

Casa Ybel Resort before Hurricane Ian 

casa ybel after hurricane Ian aerial view

Casa Ybel Resort after Hurricane Ian

Coconuts Poolside Bar & Grill

Okay, this one really hurts. Coconuts Bar & Grill, nestled between the Casa Ybel pool and the Gulf of Mexico, was completely wiped in, not a trace. So many memories with family and friends there, I can't even count! 

It was the perfect spot for taking a break in between strolls and shell-hunting on the beach. Their mango daiquiris and lobster rolls were amazing! 

coconuts pool beach bar casa ybel sanibel

Fun Tidbits from Casa Ybel's History 

Casa Ybel Resort opened as “The Sisters” in the late 1880s, and had many famous visitors, including the Edisons and Fords.  The photo below from February 16, 1925 shows Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edison and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford vacationing with friends at Casa Ybel Resort.

Edison Ford sanibel casa Ybel

Thomas Edison & Henry Ford at Casa Ybel Sanibel 1925

Sanibel Island's first church, The Church of the Four Gospels, was built on the beach at Casa Ybel. It was destroyed by the 1910 hurricane, and salvaged pews are still in residence at Sanibel Community Church.

casa Ybel church of the four gospels

Church of the Four Gospels Sanibel

If you are interested in seeing more photos of Sanibel Island history, check out this book:

sanibel island history photos

Signs of Hope! 💜

Casa Ybel Resort is strong, and signs of hope in the area are arising!

"Little Free Library on Casa Ybel and Sabal Sands is up and running." ~ Jerry Shaffer, Facebook update on October 28.
Little Free library casa Ybel

Stay Updated

I will try to keep this post updated as I can. If you hear of news of how Casa Ybel is doing, please let me know!

You can also find the official Casa Ybel Resort website HERE and their Facebook page


Share your Stories, Photos, Updates about your Business, & Volunteer Opportunities

If you have a personal story about the hurricane, and/or photos or videos of the damage and recovery efforts that you'd like to share on this site, please submit them HERE. I would also like to know about volunteer opportunities so I can share them with others.
If you have a business on SanCap, we would also love to stay updated on your recovery progress. Just let us know HERE!

Help Support Sanibel Hurricane Relief Efforts

Sanibel Island is special in our hearts as well as many others, who are heartbroken over the devastation that Hurricane Ian brought this friendly little island in SW Florida.

Living in southwest Florida ourselves, and Sanibel being our "home away from home," we wanted a way to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian to rebuild and come back stronger and more beautiful than ever, so that families can continue to be able to create wonderful lifelong memories in this little slice of paradise.

$5 of every shirt purchased will go towards SW Florida relief efforts at:, and These are all reputable organizations that we personally know, have worked with, and highly recommend.

Click HERE to purchase. 💜 Thank you!

Sanibel beautiful strong loved shirt

Where is Casa Ybel Resort located?

2255 West Gulf Drive, Sanibel, FL 33957
(239) 472-3145



    Good Morning,

    I wake this AM thanking all those individuals who have and continued to clean the island.

  2. Robert Jolliff

    Looking forward to returning to CasaYBell…After owning for 42 years of PARADISE. Does anyone know approximately when we can return???

  3. Robert Jolliff

    Just came from west gulf drive on Sanibel Island….Looks a little better than it did last year at this time….Many I mean MANY OF THE RESORTS ALONG WEST GULF DRIVE HAVE A LONG TIME BEFORE THEY WILL REOPEN….MOST ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION FOR REPAIRS AND DOESN’T LOOK GOOD FOR THIS YEAR….Can’t wait to get back to our property at Casa Y Bel….Keep up the great work and am looking forward to our return….

    R Jolliff…Unit 161 and 141F…Weeks 35,36 and 19..……..

  4. Marvin Kronenberg

    Hoping and waiting for the reopening of Casa Ybel our favorite vacation spot.


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