How is the Bubble Room Captiva after Hurricane Ian?

No trip to Captiva Island was ever complete without at least one visit to the iconic Bubble Room Restaurant, the place where it was always Christmas! Such a fun destination full of whimsy, nostalgia, music, and of course Bo-Bo and bubble lights!

Did The Bubble Room Survive Hurricane Ian?

The Bubble Room on Captiva did survive the hurricane that stormed through on September 28, 2022, though there was a lot of damage that will need to be repaired and rebuilt.

Photos of damage to the Bubble Room after Ian

The following are photos of the Bubble Room after Ian. Yes, it is a mess, but yes, they are rebuilding and coming back better than ever!

Captiva Bubble Room after Ian

After-Ian Recovery Progress of the Bubble Room. Photo credit: @SanibelStar

Update from Bubble Room owners Rachel and Stephen on Oct. 25, 2022 on their Facebook page:

'MERRY CHRISTMAS! I must have taken this same picture for a thousand people over the years and have loved seeing everyone enjoying the Bubble Room experience with their families and friends. Thank you all so much for your support and well wishes. It has truly brightened our days seeing your pictures and hearing your stories in our comments and private messages. We are working tirelessly on getting the 3 Bubble Room properties cleaned out and cannot wait until we are able to have you all back to dine with us.

Our OFFICIAL website with the online store will be back up and running by the end of the week.  We will update again soon, please be patient with us getting back to you with messages and emails.  Rachel & Stephen"

Bubble Room Captiva Ian
Bubble Room Captiva Ian
Bubble Room Captiva Ian
Bubble Room Captiva Ian
Bubble Room Captiva Ian

Aerial Footage of The Bubble Room Restaurant on Captiva after the Hurricane

Below is an aerial  video taken of The Bubble Room damage after Ian.

Video footage of the Bubble Room on the Ground after Ian

Here is a Facebook Live video taken on site of the Bubble Room damage by Sanibel resident Diana Taylor of "Beautiful Sanibel Island" Facebook group.  You will need to join the group to see the video, but her commentary and footage as she is walking around the property are so helpful to see the actual damage to the restaurant and grounds, as well as the progress the Bubble Room is making in its recovery efforts so far: 

What is the Bubble Room Known For?

The Bubble Room  is known for being the place where "It's always Christmas." The interior is decorated in an eclectic assortment of vintage Christmas bubble lights, model trains running around the ceiling, old Hollywood, and nostalgic toys &  antiques from the '20s, '30s and '40s. The outside of this Captiva Island restaurant is done in an array of bright whimsical colors.

There you will also find the gorilla cage of Bo-bo, the infamous Bubble Room gorilla, where countless visitors have gotten their photos over the years.  At the Bubble Room, it is guaranteed that “You will always find something you have never seen before.”

As for food, the Bubble Room is known for their delectable layered dessert cakes and their "Bubble Bread" that simply melts in your mouth .

bobo bubble room gorilla captiva

"Bo-Bo" the Bubble Room Gorilla cage

Tour of the Inside of The Bubble Room

This is a great video of the inside of the Bubble Room. Three floors filled with all kinds of fun surprises in every nook and cranny!

Why is it Called the Bubble Room?

The Bubble Room is called the Bubble Room due to its many vintage Christmas bubble  lights that fill the interior. Bubble lights are filled with a bubbling liquid and were popular in the 1940's.  You can purchase your own bubble lights from the Bubble Room online gift shop.

bubble room vintage coke bottle

Bubble Room Tunnel of Love

Anyone else experience butterflies in the Tunnel of Love? 

Bubble Room Tunnel of Love newly-engaged son and his fiancé 

Support The Bubble Room through their Official Online Shop!

The Bubble Room is continuing to add more cute and nostalgic gift items to their online shop.  This is a great way to support them while they rebuild after Ian.

Bubble Room captiva bubble lights christmas

The Bubble Room Classic Bubble Light Set

bubble room nightlight

Bubble Night Light

Bubble room captiva playing cards

The Bubble Room  Playing Cards

Bubble Room Captiva Cookbook

The Bubble Room Captiva Memories & Recipes Cookbook

Bubble Room Captiva mug

The Bubble Room Captiva mug

Bubble Room captiva shot glass

The Bubble Room Captiva Shot Glass

Bubble Room t shirt captiva

The Bubble Room Captiva T-Shirt 

Bubble Room Captiva Sanibel puzzle

Sanibel & Captiva puzzle

When will The Bubble Room Reopen?

I have not heard of a reopening date of the Bubble Room yet, though will be sure to let you know when I hear any news! In the meantime, you can stay updated on their official Facebook page HERE.

Bubble Room Artist

I love this painting of The Bubble Room by local artist Terry Gardiner. The colors are so happy! You can purchase a print of it by messaging him on his Facebook page HERE.

Bubble Room Captiva Ian Terry Gardiner

Photo credit: Terry Gardiner

Do you have fond memories of The Bubble Room?

Comment below with your favorite memories of the Bubble Room! Hopefully one day in the not-too-distant future we can all return to make many more!


  1. Peggy Cramblett

    I am now 76 years old and I celebrated my 40th Birthday there. Never missed coming there when we were on the island.
    We are coming to Sanibel tomorrow and was hoping you would be back open. My friend has never been to the Bubble Room.

  2. Jennifer Jo Brackenhoff

    I went there with my mom on a mother / daughter trip in the early 90s. I was 19. I am now 53. She passed away 8 years ago. I’ll be coming to the area next weekend for my 30th wedding anniversary and was really hoping to relive a great memory sitting in the same booth as I did with my mom and my husband (I also went there with my husband on our honeymoon in 1994). So sad to see it is still closed but understand and wish you the very best. Until next time.


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