The Cure for Overwhelming Brain Clutter

Do you ever feel like you are just surviving day to day?

Do you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t really make any progress or headway toward the goals you have for your family or your business?

Do you feel like there is no room for any creative ideas to come in and transform your life?

I’m here to let you know that...

If you are continually in a state that is characterized by these types of feelings...

It is probably because you are suffering from brain clutter.

Brain clutter is a real thing. 

Our brain space (actually our mind) is limited.

Our brains can really only focus or give attention to a very few things at any given time.

Imagine a picture of your brain.

Can you see it?

My Rendition of Our Big Beautiful Brain

There it is.

Your big, beautiful brain.

Imagine having all this beautiful, wonderful brain space free to think up creative ideas and awesome goals for your family and your business.

That would be great!

Only there is one big problem...

We tend to clutter up our brains. 

Especially we females like to clutter up our brains with all kinds of other stuff.

So as you are picturing your beautiful brain, what do you allow in there?

Let’s think...

Maybe there is some drama going on in your life, in your church, in your business.

That “drama” is occupying space in your brain.

Maybe you are a little bit jealous of others who seem to be better moms, or better homeschool teachers, or better business women.

You think that you just don’t measure up...

That jealousy, or envy, or whatever you want to call it, is occupying brain space which also leads to more negative self-talk.


And now, that negative self-talk is taking up space and cluttering up your brain; we’re not worthy , we are terrible, we are failures.

It is all so “overwhelming.”

And that’s  another thing!

You keep telling yourself, how overwhelmed you are!


That’s a big one taking up a bunch of brain real estate.

The more you tell yourself you’re overwhelmed, the more you feel overwhelmed

And what about what others think of you?

How much are you thinking about or concerned about what other people think of you?

Or maybe you just want other people to like you.  How much of your brain are those thoughts occupying?

Maybe you feel “left out.”

Maybe it takes you too long to make decisions, so you are spending all kinds of time with your mind occupied with deliberating over decisions.

What about being easily offended and then using a bunch of brain space to dwell on all these offenses?

What about finding fault in others?  You’re going to need brain space to find fault with others.

What about gossip?   Gossip is a huge brain clutterer and time waster.

And there is a lot more that I know that I struggle with and that you guys struggle with.

All things that you are living in that clutter up your brain.

So what happens when you have all this “stuff” cluttering up your brain?

Where is the space for any new and creative ideas that can make a positive difference?

Where is the space for ideas that will result in breakthroughs for your family or your business?

There is no space.

You might get a little idea here or there in the meager blank spaces in between the clutter of your brain...

...if you’re lucky...

But it will probably fizzle out because you can’t truly think about those ideas and let them develop.

It is impossible.

If you are honest, it is impossible to come up with any creative ideas or have any breakthroughs  for your family or your business if you are letting your brain be dominated by clutter and not giving it the space to thrive and to develop those great ideas.

What a mess!

What a dire and desperate situation we are in.  What can be done?  What do we do?

The Cluttered, Overwhelmed Brain

Here is the answer...

We must ruthlessly get rid of all the clutter.

We need to clear it out!

Show no mercy to the clutter!

Get rid of it!

Only then you will have all this beautiful brain real estate for coming up with amazing life changing ideas.

This is the incredible secret to really changing your life!

Some people think,

“I can’t do this! Because that stuff just happens to me.  I have no control over my thoughts and feelings because of that stuff!"

But I’m here to tell you that you do have control over it.  Not entirely, but to a large extent; a much greater extent than you realize.

You do have great freedom to control what you will allow into your mind and what you seek and choose to allow our mind to dwell upon.


It will be a process just like any other skill we learn to acquire and develop.

This is the key: We can learn to control and determine what we think about.

We can actually be intentional with our life.

We can actually make that decision about what we are going to let our minds dwell on and think about.

That is up to us.  That is a choice. That is an intentional decision we can make.

You’re not a victim.  It is not true that “I just can’t help it.  That stuff just fills my brain and I’m a mess.“

You have to stop going there.  You have to realize that we can change.  We can deliberately choose to believe that we can change.

We can take every thought captive.

Do we want to get rid of the clutter?  Do we want to deal with the clutter in some way to get it resolved?

If you answer, “Yes!” to that question, here are some things to beware of as you start to decide to put into place the practices that will lead down the path to the person you will become.

First, be very careful about social media.

Social media can feed all this brain clutter.  You know it can!  In many ways.

You may need to turn off your computer or your phone and step away from FB for awhile if it is generating  a constant flow of negative thoughts and ideas that are consuming your brain.

Second, make plans to change your environment.

This is huge!

You know what relaxes you and what can open up your creative brain space.

It could be gardening.  I love gardening and get all kinds of ideas that way.

Another great way I get ideas  is by taking a relaxing bath and clearing my mind to get rid of all that “stuff”  and that is when the awesome creative ideas can flow in that have the potential to be life changing.

For you, it could be exercising – any type of thing that you know relaxes you.

But if you are filling your brain with all this clutter that is not serving you,

and it is damaging you,

and it is damaging your family,

and it is keeping you in that survival mode - where you are just putting out fires and just dealing with things as they come -

and it’s just like you have no control and you are a victim of everything…


You CAN be intentional about changing your life and how you deal with circumstances and what you choose to let your mind dwell on.

And you can be intentional about what you ruthlessly cut out.

And once that clutter is gone amazing things can happen.

And you will be so much more peaceful, and joyful, and can accomplish so much more and it will be so much better for your families.

Think about this and take it to heart.  Once you do, you will be on the path to living the beautiful life you were meant for.

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