How to Create Multiple Links on Instagram!

Many marketers are skeptical of Instagram because you aren’t able to post links.

However, Instagram is huge, and can be a valuable asset to your marketing.

Additionally, there actually is a way to add multiple links, to your bio, on Instagram.

This video tutorial will show you how!  Or you can follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Create a Account

Just search for “”, and you come to a page that asks you to

sign up with your Instagram account.  Go ahead and sign up!

Step 2: Click Authorize

This allows to access your Instagram

Step 3: Enter your email

This will create your account

Step 4: Post link in your Instagram bio

This is the one link that will take visitors to your other links

Step 5: Add your links!

Simply put in an attention grabbing title for each link, and then the url of the page you would like to send your visitor to.

It’s that simple!

Happy linking!




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