Should You Have A Fan Page Or Group on Facebook?

Fan Page Or Group

Fan page or group? Which should you have?

Several years ago there occurred "The Great Facebook Rug Pull" (or at least that's what I call it).

Before, Facebook would show EVERYTHING you posted on your fan page to your fans--those who "liked" your page.

After, your reach was cut down to only about 2-3%.


(The sound of your Facebook marketing crashing to the floor after the rug was pulled out from underneath.)

Pretty much over-night small business which depended on Facebook for their marketing saw their reach and traffic dry up.

Sure, there are ways of increasing your reach, like receiving a lot of engagement on a post, or paying for Facebook to show your ads to more people, but that's asking a lot for something that used to be free.

So in this post-rug-pull-era, is it even relevant to have a Facebook Fan page anymore? Or should you only have a Facebook Group?

Keep reading, as I answer the Fan Page or Group question below.


Fan Page


Should you forgo a Fan Page?

Actually, no. DEFINITELY NOT!

Despite the changes to Facebook, you still really want to have a Fan Page.

A Fan Page is going to be your main avenue gaining more followers on Facebook.

In fact, a Fan Page has a ton of other benefits which you can read about here.


How to Use A Fan Page

You are going to want to think of your Fan Page as the top of your funnel.

Use your Fan Page to build a repository of qualified leads.

This can happen organically (people searching on your topic, current fans who share content and like your posts).

And this can happen through paid means ("Likes" ad campaigns, engagement ads, and clicks to website ads).

Building a Fan Page is still a priority because it provides you with a warm market to promote your products. 

But you don't want your people to just remain as "likes" as on your page.

You will want to try and convert your "likes" into leads by getting them onto your email list, and the best way to do this is by providing great free content on your Fan Page, and sprinkling in promotions to your free lead magnets.



So if you are building a Facebook Fan Page, does this mean you shouldn't have a Facebook Group?

Nope! You really want to have a Group as well.

Think of a Facebook Group as the next level down in your sales funnel. A Facebook Group can be a type of super lead magnet itself.


1. 100% Reach

One of the great benefits of Groups is that everyone sees your content!

When you post in a group, everyone is going to see it, not just a small portion like on a Fan Page.

So groups are a great way to drive more traffic to your content.

2. Builds Relationships

Groups are also a much better way to build relationships.

People feel safer to post and comment in Groups, and so they allow you to better connect with and get to know your customers.

And, they can get to know you better, which helps build customer loyalty.

3. More Interaction

I have one Fan Page with over 5,000 "likes", and a corresponding Group with around 100 people. I've found when I post the same piece of content on my Fan Page and in my Group, they get about the same amount of interaction and engagement!


This is because of two reasons.

One, in groups, everyone in the group sees what you post (unless they turn off notifications).

Two, the people in your groups are going to be pretty hot leads.

4. Generate Sales

You are also more free to sell in Groups, rather than on Fan Pages.

On a Fan Page, people are more likely to be turned away if they being sold to. However, in a Group, they have either already bought and love your product, or they are hot leads very interested in buying.

How to Use A Group

First you have to get people into your Group.

One way to do this is treat your Group like a lead magnet, and ask people to join your group in your call to actions in your content.

You want to make sure you get their email address though. If they are a customer, you probably already have it, so you don't have to do any extra work.

If it is not a customer Group per se, then you will want to create a capture page for your group where your potential lead can put in their name and email address.

Another way to add people to your group is to send out a thank you email to every one of your customers, and include in it a link to your "VIP Group".

Next you are going to want to create the reason for being in the group.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Exclusive sales
  • Helpful, and more personalized content (e.g. Q/A videos)
  • Give free stuff

Conclusion: Fan Page Or Group?

Both. You really want to have a Fan Page and a Group.

But start with just a Fan Page if you don't have either yet.

Build up your Fan Page first, and then start building your Group one your Page is humming along.

But this prompts the question, how do you go about building up your Fan Page?

A mentor of ours, Julie, built almost her entire network marketing business using Facebook! She didn't have a lot of time to go to shows or parties, so she just stayed home.

Instead, she made a lot of very meaningful connections and relationships through Facebook, all without being “spammy,” without pouncing on people, and without running an infomercial on my page.

She teaches how you can do the same in her new Social Media Recruiting Frenzy guide.

These strategies create such EXPLOSIVE DUPLICATION, that for every person she personally sponsored, her team would grow by an average of 30 people in depth each time.

Say, Whaaat?

So make sure you click here and grab it today! It's free!

What are you doing to build your Facebook Fan Page and/or Group? Leave a comment below. 

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